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For answers to your sexual health questions, counselling, testing and referrals, there are many sexual health clinics throughout Ontario that are here for you.

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What to expect

When you visit a sexual health clinic, the public health nurse may discuss the risk factors with you, such as:

  • Having sexual contact with people with a known STI
  • Being sexually active and under 25 years
  • Having a new sexual contact or having had multiple sexual contacts in the past year
  • Being street involved and/or homeless
  • Being a sex worker
  • Having anonymous sexual contacts
  • Being a victim of sexual assault/abuse
  • Injection drug use
  • Using other substances such as alcohol or chemicals (e.g., cocaine, Ecstasy)
  • Having a previous STI
  • Not using contraception or sole use of non-barrier contraception

If you report one or more of the above-mentioned risk factors, you will be offered:

  • STI/blood-borne infection education and counselling specific to your personal needs, and testing
  • Contraception / birth control counseling
  • Birth control at a reduced cost and/or free of charge if you are experiencing financial challenges
  • Pregnancy tests and comprehensive pregnancy counseling
  • Post-abortion counseling and referral;
  • Counseling, diagnosis, treatment, and management of STIs, including Pap test
  • Counseling, testing, and referrals for blood-borne infections
  • Vaccines at no cost according to provincial eligibility criteria
  • Condoms at no cost
  • If necessary, access to harm-reduction supplies through needle and syringe exchange programs – and potentially other harm-reduction counselling

If you require, a health care provider may discuss with you specifics of your situation and will provide counseling and referrals to other health care and social services.